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Wifi Manager for Android Wear


Control your phone's wireless network connection from your Android™ Wear smartwatch!To use this app you must have a smartwatch running Android Wear
Features- Use your watch to activate or deactivate your phone's wifi device- Display nearby Wi-Fi networks on your watch, and connect to them.- Receive notifications on your watch when a nearby Wi-Fi network is available.- Use your watch to activate your phone's Wi-Fi hotspot/access point.- Display a notification on your watch when your Wi-Fi hotspot is active.- Display the currently connected Wi-Fi network on your watch, along with your phone's IP address.
How to StartThere are two ways to start Wifi Manager:1. Say "Start Wifi Manager" on the voice command screen.2. Tap your watch-face, scroll to the bottom, tap 'Start' and tap 'Wifi Manager'
Feedback and feature suggestions are encouraged. Please don't hesitate to contact the developer if you run into any issues, or if you would like to see any particular features in future releases. We will gladly take your advice on board to make this app more useful.